Custom Bathroom Additions By Home Kitchen Bath Remodeling Of San Diego

Do you need to expand the size of your bathroom to make it more functional? Have you always wished for a second bathroom in your San Diego, California home? Then you’ve arrived at the right location. Home Kitchen Bath Remodeling of San Diego’s contracting, plumbing, and electrical professionals can extend your existing bathroom to meet your and your family’s demands while also modernizing it for optimal use and function. 

Extending a bathroom or incorporating one into your home’s design the right way needs experience, abilities, and training, which our professionals bring to every job. Our bathroom remodeling contractor in San Diego will ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget, as well as provide you with the information you need to make the best decisions for your remodeled bathroom. 

Is it time to expand your bathroom in San Diego, California? The professionals at Home Kitchen Bath Remodeling of San Diego are here to assist you!

Some Question To Ask Before Adding A New Bathroom To Your Home

If you’re planning on adding another bathroom to your home rather than enlarging an existing one, keep the following aspects in mind:

How much value will a custom bathroom addition add to your home?

If you add a bathroom to a home that you plan to sell in less than five years, you will almost certainly not return the total cost of the bathroom. This is due to the fact that the return on investment for a bathroom makeover is around 60%, not 100%.

Is there a balance with rooms vs. bathrooms?

People adore their bathrooms, and they adore having a bedroom to match them. It isn’t required to have a bathroom in each bedroom, but you do want symmetry when it comes to the bathroom-to-bedroom ratio in your home.

Do you go full or half bath?

According to current data, half baths add roughly 10% to the value of your property, while a full bath adds 20%. A complete bath will also likely provide additional functionality.

Benefits Of Upgrading Your Bathroom

Why would you go through the trouble of renovating your bathroom? Here are a few of the advantages you can get: 

Better Functionality

Even ten years ago, bathrooms looked significantly different than they do now. If you want your bathroom to be more functional, your new addition will provide it.

Better Energy Efficiency

Additions not only provide greater space but also allow you to replace outdated and inefficient fixtures.

Better Aesthetic

You can now have a bathroom that matches your style if you’ve been living with one that matches the décor of the past.

It can be exciting to expand your bathroom, but poor craftsmanship can turn your dream bathroom into a nightmare. When you engage the experts at Home Kitchen and Bath Remodeling of San Diego to manage your home’s custom bathroom addition in San Diego, CA, this will never happen.