Molding And Decorative Installations In San Diego

People in San Diego remodel their homes with crown molding and other things. Interior custom molding and decorative installations are what we do best. We serve the Southern California area of San Diego. Crown molding, base molding, chair rail, wainscoting, chair rail molding, and base molding, door casings, inside doors, window casings, and other interior trim projects are what we do best.

We take care of the installation and the finishing of all of our products. If you want your project to be painted or stained, we have the skills to get the job done right. Most other companies in San Diego can’t do that.

In San Diego, we are a family-owned business. Not just any home remodeling contractors. It is important to us that we do a good job because we take pride in our work. We think that custom trim and molding will make your house a warm and cozy place to live. To make your home in San Diego more valuable and unique, you can do simple things like paint the walls. What are you going to do next? Call us today!


It is a piece of wood that goes on the bottom of a wall in a room. It’s called a “baseboard,” “skirting board,” “mopboard,” “floor molding,” or “base molding.” Its job is to cover the gap between the wall and the floor. In this example, the molding protects the wall from kicks, abrasion, and furniture. It also hides the uneven edge of the floor next to the wall, which can be dangerous. At its most basic, the baseboard is just a simple plank that is nailed, screwed, or glued to the wall. Older homes can be made up of a lot of different moldings for decoration. 

Crown Moulding

You don’t have to live in a San Diego house with a lot of space to get crown molding. It’s not just for the biggest ones. It used to be that Crown Moulding was very popular in San Diego, but now more and more people are re-discovering its charm and beauty. They are having it installed in their homes and condos. Cheap crown molding can make people think and feel good about your home, but it doesn’t have to cost a lot to do.

Door Moulding

It can be the little extras that really finish things off and make a project come together. Add molding from Home Kitchen and Bath Remodeling of San Diego to your home to make it look and function better. If you want your room to look different and stylish, we have the trim you need. We have crown molding and base molding, as well as decorative window and door casing. 

Board And Batten

Board & Batten vertical siding has a unique look that’s great for both remodeling and building new homes. It can be used for the entire exterior of a home or just a few accent areas. 


You can use wainscoting in your San Diego home because it’s both decorative and functional. Home Kitchen and Bath Remodeling of San Diego is a good choice for people who live in busy places like California. Wainscoting can be used to protect your walls or to make your room look beautiful. It manages to do both at the same time, which is great. 

Chair Rail

Moulding is, also known as coving, is a strip of material with different shapes that are used to cover transitions between surfaces or to add decoration. It is also called coving. It is usually made of solid wood or plaster, but it can also be made of plastic or wood that has been shaped into a new shape. In classical architecture and sculpture, the molding is often made out of marble or other stones that have been cut out. A “sprung” molding has beveled edges that make it possible to put it between two non-parallel planes (such as a wall and a ceiling). It is called “plain” molding when there are other types of molding.

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