Our Unique Remodeling Process In San Diego

It all starts with a talk and finishes when you’re satisfied with the final product. We stand by our work with a 5-year labor warranty and our staff’s prompt response and accessibility.

Initial Conversation and Free Consultation

Many companies often charge the initial consultation. This is the beginning of our connection. Our Remodeling Contractors will visit with you at your apartment or at our Showroom to walk you through the process, whether you know what you want or are still deciding.

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Pricing and Planning

After our free consultation, we'll meet with you to finalize the labor proposal and project scope. We're known for sticking to our estimates and communicating with you as soon as you decide that affects the estimate. You will never be shocked by any hidden expenses when working with Home Kitchen and Bath Remodeling of San Diego.

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Renovation / Remodeling Filing Process

The multiple approvals and time required before a project can begin some of the most prevalent challenges that catch owners off guard when completing a remodeling in San Diego, CA. The first stage, with the exception of private houses and a few modest brownstone buildings, is to have your proposal assessed and approved by the building owners association.

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Pre-Production Stage

We'll collaborate with you using remodeling software to make your visions a reality. You'll even get a 3-D color rendering of your new kitchen. We'll order the materials after you're satisfied with the design. We'll designate a Project Manager for your remodeling project and conduct a job-site walk-through with both the Project Manager and the Remodeling Consultant present before we start work. We've worked with hundreds of building management individuals and firms throughout the years. Our professional staff will work behind the scenes to secure project clearances and permits while concentrating on design and material selections.

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Once the supplies arrive and the required approvals are secured, we can begin construction. The Project Manager will help you, the team, and any professional tradespeople engaged communicate more effectively. If you need to work or stay at home during construction, we'll do everything we can to keep your life as normal as possible (or let you know long in advance if the project requires that you vacate the premises during part or all of construction).

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Completion and Quality Assurance

When the majority of the construction is completed, the Project Manager will walk you through it and develop a "touch-up" list that notes any elements that are missing or aren't up to par. After compiling this list, the touch-up staff will go over it and make sure that every item on it is addressed to your satisfaction. After we complete this process, your 5-year warranty will commence.

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The remodeling procedure is time-consuming and needs meticulous attention to detail. You won’t be able to avoid obstacles along the way, but you may indeed reduce the difficulties that your home renovation project will entail. Before making the critical decision of whether or not to hire your contractor/remodeling firm, we’ve developed a list of ten questions to ask them. 

For those of you considering a do-it-yourself project, we’ve put up a summary of the benefits and drawbacks when comparing a do-it-yourself project to hiring a contractor or remodeling business. This will ultimately assist you in making the best choice for your home renovation project.

Our Construction Process

At Home Kitchen Bath Remodeling, we ensure 100% transparency and collaboration as a part of our core values. We have a goal to keep you updated with every single step so that you know what to expect out of your San Diego home remodeling project. Using this approach, we ensure that you get a great experience which is efficient and easy on you. Whether it be a bathroom remodel project, a kitchen renovation , entire house remote or as simple as a room addition. Our experts follow the best methods to ensure 100% satisfaction and to create the home of your dreams. 

We take pride in being highly experienced, licensed and fully insured contractors. We are here to help guide you through the entire process. Home Kitchen Bath Remodeling is your best home contractor, designer, installer and project manager. We will take care of everything for you so that you can sit back and relax while we transform your house in front of your eyes. No matter how big or small the project is, we will treat your house as our own and bring your vision to life.

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5 Steps To Creating Your Dream Home

For all of our home renovations in the San Diego area, we keep things as simple and efficient as possible. We get to work and finish your makeover swiftly, all while maintaining the greatest level of quality and customer service.

Here’s how we go about remodeling in five easy steps:

  1. Meeting In Your home

To organize a meeting, simply contact us via phone, email, or our contact form. One of our contractors will come to your house to look around and give you a free quote. You and your contractor will talk about your needs, vision, and budget together to make sure you’re on the same page from the start.

  1. Estimated Costs

We’ll provide you a remodel proposal after (or occasionally during) the in-home meeting. The proposal details the project’s labor costs and timetable. Your design preferences and budget are also taken into account in the estimate.

  1. Make A Contract

Following that, we’ll give you a standard, easy-to-understand California contract that outlines industry building and safety norms and regulations, team roles, your vision, cost estimate, timetable, and homeowner concerns. We get to work as soon as the contract is signed!

  1. Preparation And Scheduling

You and your renovation team will meet to discuss the project as a whole as well as the next steps to get things started. Your Home Kitchen Bath Remodeling contractor, as well as a third-party architect, engineer, and/or designer, can be part of this group. However, if you like, we may serve as a one-stop shop for all of those functions.

We shall draft architectural, engineering, and/or design plans for your evaluation and approval if we fill those positions for you. We handle the procurement and delivery of materials and finish once the concept is finalized. Your project manager can also obtain any building permits required by the city of San Diego for the project’s completion. ​

  1. Building & Remodeling

Everything is handled by us, from the demo to the conclusion of the project. This begins with enclosing the job site in order to keep it as clean as possible. We arrange for garbage pickup and cover the building site with a dust mask to prevent dust from entering the residence. We’re available Monday through Saturday, or on whichever days you like. On those days and even off-days, your contractor will provide project updates (in-person and via phone — whenever you need) as well as consulting on any and all facets of the renovation. ​

To summarize, we’ll be there for you every step of the way!

Our Remodeling Services

The Home Kitchen Bath Remodeling team of home experts has more than 20+ years of experience in all things related to home improvement. We service the majority of San Diego, CA.

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