Laminate Flooring In San Diego

laminate flooring san diego Laminate flooring has the appearance of real wood but is resistant to warping and swelling caused by humidity and moisture. A high-density fiberboard core is placed between a melamine laminate backing and a high-quality photographic paper with an image of wood and a melamine laminate top in laminate flooring. 

Unlike engineered wood flooring, laminate flooring does not include any actual wood, despite providing a convincing imitation. Laminate San Diego flooring is an excellent solution for bathrooms and basements since it does not warm or swell like hardwood and engineered wood. They’re also scratch-resistant, but if your laminate floor becomes scraped, dented, or banged up, it’s not easy to fix. Unlike hardwood floors, which can be simply sanded and refinished, laminate floors must be meticulously repaired with manufacturer-provided touch-up and chip repair kits, or entire boards must be replaced if necessary.

Hardwood or engineered floors may be a better long-term alternative for heavily trafficked areas if you have children or pets. Of course, because laminate flooring doesn’t require polishing or waxing, regular upkeep is a breeze—always a plus! 

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