▷Get The Look: Instagram Bathroom Design Trends In San Diego

March 15, 2022 in Near Me

▷Get The Look: Instagram Bathroom Design Trends In San Diego

Get The Look: Instagram Bathroom Design Trends In San Diego

Bathroom Design Trends From Instagram For San Diego Homeowners

nstagram is where many of us go for fashion, lifestyle, and, of course, home design inspiration. There are countless photographs of beautifully styled homes from throughout the world to inspire your remodeling thoughts. It’s natural to want to be a part of every trend you see. To assist you in making your decision, our crew has hand-picked a few of our favorites. Here are five bathroom trends that are trending on Instagram. We’ve also highlighted products that may assist you in making some remodeling purchases as an extra bonus.

Get The Look: Instagram Bathroom Design Trends In San Diego 1. Geometric Tiles

We’ve been able to include a number of retro design styles thanks to the Boho movement. Retro design elements have been embraced by title companies, as well as accessories such as sinks and faucets. When it comes to earlier design styles, the Art Deco movement combined stunning colors with geometric and organic shapes. The green and pink color scheme harken back to the mid-century design era; it’s a well-known color combination. The geometric tile pattern is a modern and unique aspect that creates a lovely backdrop for the pink pedestal sink, and it works. The geometric tiles are complemented by the grout color, which makes them stand out.

2. Focal Points That Make A Statement

Statement pieces will never go out of style, and this bathroom is no exception. It’s sumptuous while also being well-balanced. The mural gives the space a one-of-a-kind flavor and serves as a lovely focal point.

3. Wall Sconces With Character

The wall sconces displayed here are in a brushed gold finish. We’ve just come off a wave of metallic as a design trend, so this is a natural next step. Metals are extremely trendy, and when used in conjunction with the accessories in this room, they help to bring everything together and unify the look. It works because it has personality and can stand up to the large-scale print wallpaper.

4. Art, Color And Design In One Bathroom

This bathroom works in a world when there is so much grey because it stands out. The color scheme is friendly and warm. It combines art, color, and design in a single small bathroom. The tiling adds a splash of color and contrast from floor to ceiling. The floating vanity shelf saves space while keeping the bathroom looking light and airy.

5. Rustic Modern Barn Door

Thanks to shows like Fixer Upper, rustic modern is really hot right now. The grey and white in this design are warmed up to give the space a country spa atmosphere. The vintage bathroom accessories are a fantastic match for the space. 


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